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School Tuition Payments

See buttons on the right side to make a payment, or you can make a payment by mailing a Personal Check, Bank Check, or Money Order Check to IScGKC, 8505 E. 99th St., Kansas City, MO 64134.

Contact Maryam at for any financial arrangements.

School tuition can be made either in cash, check, credit card or directly online. Payments must be received no later than the 5th, of each month. After the 5th of each month, there will be a LATE CHARGE of $15 added to the account unless the 4th and/or 5th occur on a weekend or a school holiday.


​Donations are accepted at the school in cash, check, credit card or directly online. You also may sponsor a child or children for their tuition or book costs. Contact the office for more details or click on the link to the right to make donations.

IScGKC Scholarship Donations

IScGKC strives hard to keep costs and tuition low. However, some families can't afford the cost of the school costs. If you wish to sponsor a child or children through a scholarship donation please contact the office for more details.

To make a payment, please click on the appropriate button.
Thank you!

Maryam Haggins 

Office Administrator and Accounting Coordinator

8505 E. 99th St.

Kansas City, MO  64134

816 - 763 - 0322 Phone

816 - 761 - 9249 Fax

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