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IScGKC School Uniforms



  Preschool & Kindergarten - Black Pants & Red Polo Shirt

   1st – 5th Grades - White Hijab, Royal Blue Shirt (long-sleeve preferred), Black Pants, Black Jumper Dress

   6th – 10th Grades - Black Abaya, Black Pants  (NOTE:  Abayas must be ALL back, no other colors can be on the abaya.  Any lace or beads on the dress must also be black.)

       Hijabs - Royal Blue Hijab (non-P.E. Days)

                    Red Hijab (P.E. Days)

                    White Hijab (Fridays)

       PLEASE NOTE:  No off colors for royal blue, red and white.  Do not wear aqua blue, turquoise, purple, burgundy red, cream or off-white or other shades of these colors for your hijabs.


   Preschool & Kindergarten - Black Pants & Red Polo Shirt

   1st - 10th Grades - Black Pants (no jeans, shorts or black sports pants with stripes or logos on them),

Royal Blue Polo Shirt


P.E. Gym Shirts


Red Gym Shirts with our school’s name and logo are available for purchase in the school office for $20. (price subject to change)


Gym Shirts must be worn on P.E. days for 1st-10th grade boys only.  All girls (1st-10th) will wear their regular uniform on P.E. days.  For girls in 6th-10th grades, they should wear the appropriate colored hijab as listed above.  Preschool and Kindergarten do not have a specific P.E. class, so they do not have any requirement to purchase a gym shirt.




No open-toed shoes, no crocs, no slides.  Tennis shoes are preferred.




Hoodies can be worn at school, but the hood is not permitted to be worn up on the head in the school buildings.


School Jackets

(When to order will be announced later in the fall.)




Preschool & Kindergarten – Red jacket

1st – 5th Grades – Royal Blue jacket

6th – 10th Grades – Black jacket




Preschool & Kindergarten – Red jacket

1st – 10th Grades – Royal Blue jacket



NOTE:  All clothes must be kept clean.  Boys’ hair must be kept trimmed and no longer than 2 inches in length.   Hair should be kept neat and clean.  Only natural hair colorings are permitted.  Hairstyles, such as Mohawks, Spikes, and Beehives are not permitted.

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