Preschool & Kindergarten - Black Pants & Red Polo Shirt
   1st - 5th Grades - White Hijab, Royal Blue Shirt (long-sleeve preferred),

      Black Pants,  Black Jumper Dress
   6th - 10th Grades - Black Albaya, Black Pants (no jeans)

      Hijabs - Royal Blue Hijab (Mondays & Wednesdays)

                    Red Hijab (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

                    White Hijab (Fridays)

       PLEASE NOTE:  No off colors for royal blue, red and white.  Do not wear aqua blue, turquoise, purple,

            burgundy red, cream or off-white or other shades of these colors for your hijabs.
   Preschool & Kindergarten - Black Pants & Red Polo Shirt
   1st - 10th Grades - Black Pants (no jeans), Royal Blue Polo Shirt

Note:  All clothes must be kept clean.  No open-toed shoes.  Boys hair must be kept trimmed, out of their eyes and above the collar of their shirt.

Gym Shirts must be worn on P.E. days (
Girls 6th and up can attend P.E. class with albayas.)
Gym Shirts may be purchased in the school office for $16. (price subject to change)

During cold weather, only school jackets may be worn in the classrooms.